wedding candles
The candle lighting ceremony is romantic, sentimental and provides the perfect touch to your fairy tale wedding ceremony.  The perfect Wedding Candle will ensure that all eyes remain on you and your sweetheart as you exchange your vows.

Wedding Candles

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crystal elegance pillar candle
Crystal Elegance Pillar Candle
Sumptuous bridal satin encircles the candle, finishing off in a crisp bow
la fleur pillar candle
La Fleur Pillar Candle
Beautiful rose decoration wraps the centerpiece of the candle
pillar candle audrey collection
Audrey Pillar Candle
Wrapped in finest quality bridal satin, which has been triple-pleated
french lace pillar candle
French Lace Pillar Candle
A band of elegant lace and finished off with a bold yet beautiful satin ribbon.
crystal pillar candle
Crystal Eternity Pillar Candle
Gorgeous organza and satin-edged ribbon wraps the Pillar Candle
monroe wedding pillar candle
Monroe Pillar Candle
Elegant bridal satin finished with a glamorous rhinestone jewel.
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Wedding Candle Ceremony

Uphold the tradition of the candle-lighting ceremony while adding your own exotic style.