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Embroidered Bride Hoodie (Collegiate)

Price: $49.90
Nothing is more flirty, fashionable or fun than a collegiate Hoodie – and now brides-to-be can get in on the action with the Embroidered "Collegiate" Bride Hoodie.  Choose from a range of vibrant stitches, styles and colors to personalize your Hoodie.
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Embroidered Bride Hoodie (Collegiate)

As a bride-to-be, you want to be as relaxed as possible while conducting your bridal errands.  After all, being a bride is busy work – and you don’t want to feel stressed out while taking care of every detail.  Run your errands in style with the “Embroidered Collegiate Bride Hoodie.”  The word “Bridge” is embroidered on the back of this super-soft fleece, letting everyone about your special status.  Choose from a variety of unique styles, Hoodie colors and stitch colors to give your Hoodie a personal touch.

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