OC Rhythm Custom Rhinestone Shirt

added by: jennifer


Description: The OC Rhythm custom cheerleading shirt design is one of our favorite designs. The design consists of a basketball (wearing headphones) in front of the letters OC, with The words Orange County running above the basketball and the word Rhythm under the basketball. This unique design uses a custom font for the word Rhythm and outline letters for the OC and Orange County. The basketball is make with solid rhinestones. This is a bling shirt that will get lots of attention for the amazing sparkle.

Design Turn-around: 24 hours


Design Application: Performed by Just Jen.

Typestyles: The letters for Orange County are a stretched version of a standard block type style, in uppercase. The letters for Rythmn are a unique type style provided by the customer that was re-produced with a drop shadow.

Rhinestones: The OC Rhythm design uses three rhinestone colors; Crystal (white) is usedf in the lettering and also as one of the colors in the basketball and the headphones; Light Siam (red) is used in the basketball and also the lettering, along with being the drop shadow for the Rhythm letters. The final color is Peridot (light green) which is used in one letter and the basketball.