bridesmaid t shirts
Bridesmaid T-shirts
Your bridesmaids will love their matching bridesmaid shirts or hoodie sweatshirts, with rhinestones or embroidery. Shirts for bridesmaids, maid of honor, flower girl and Mother of the Bride and Groom, these dazzling garments will set the perfect mood for your wedding day.

Rhinestone Bridesmaid Shirts

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bridesmaid t-shirt
Rhinestone Bridesmaid T-shirt

SALE: $19.90

Our bridesmaid shirt can be selected in a variety of styles and colors.

bridesmaid with martini shirt
Bridesmaid Martini T-shirt


Bridesmaid T-shirt with a Martini, for the fun Bridesmaids.

sparkling bridesmaid shirt
Sparkling Bridesmaid T-shirt


Bridesmaid t-shirt with rhinestone sparkle

bridesmaid ring shirt
Bridesmaid Ring T-shirt

SALE: $17.90

Printed bridesmaid t-shirt has a ring

real bridesmaids t shirt
Real Bridesmaids T-shirt

SALE: $17.90

The Real Bridesmaids of... T-shirt. Pick your city.

bride entourage t-shirt
Bride's Entourage T-shirt

SALE: $17.90

Evey bride needs her entourage

maid of honor shirt
Maid of Honor Shirt

SALE: $19.90

Bridesmaid T-shirt for the Maid or Matron of Honor.

edwardian bridesmaid hoodie
Bridesmaid Hoodie (Edwardian)

SALE: $42.90

Bridesmaid Hoodie to match our Edwardian Bride style

embroidered bridesmaid hoodie
Embroidered Bridesmaid Hoodie


Embroidered Bridesmaid on back of Hoodie

embroidered bride hoodie
Flower Girl T-shirt

Sale: $29.90

Reward the sweet little flower girl with a fabulous crystal shirt!

team bride shirt
Team Bride Shirt

SALE: $16.90

Personalized Team Bride Shirt with Date or Location of the Big Event

heart wedding t shirt
Bride's Crew T-shirt

SALE: $17.90

For all the members of the Bridal Party

edwardian maid of honor hoodie
Maid of Honor Hoodie (Edwardian)

SALE: $44.90

Edwardian style lettering for our Maid of Honor Hoodie

blue heart bridesmaid
Bride's Crew Concert-style


Concert-style T-shirt has all the bridal party names

blue heart bridesmaid
Blue Heart Bridesmaid T-shirt


Shirt for bridesmaids with a heart and in blue, option to personalize with name

embroidered mother of bride hoodie sweatshirt
Mother of Bride / Groom Hoodie


Embroidered Mother of the Bride Hoodie. The type style matches the Bride Hoodie.

embroidered monogram hoodie sweatshirt
Bride's Crew w/ Ring


A T-shirt for the Bride's Crew.

embroidered mother of bride hoodie sweatshirt
Maid of Honor Hoodie


Embroidered Maid of Honor soft fleece Hoodie

bride's crew band shirt
Bride's Crew Band


Make her the center of the band, with these one-of-a-kind bridal shirts

embroidered monogram hoodie sweatshirt
Embroidered Monogram Hoodie


Monogram embroidered with fancy Edwardian script.

bridal tour 2-13 t-shirt
Bride Tour 2013 T-shirt


A "concert" style shirt that has all the bridal party names.

embroidered sweatpant monogram
Monogram Embroidered Sweat Pants


Hoodie with shining rhinestone initial on front. Choose left or right.

blank sweat pants
Matching Zip-Up Sweat Pants

SALE: $27.00

Blank sweat pants with no rhinestone design

blank hoodies
Matching Zip-Up Hoodie

SALE: $33.00

Blank Hoodie with no rhinestone design

blank velour sweatpants
Velour Sweat Pants(blank)

SALE: $32.00

Velour sweat pants without rhinestone design

blank velour hoodies
Matching Velour Hoodie

SALE: $39.00

Velour Hoodie with no rhinestone design

personalized bridesmaid shirt
Personalized Bridesmaid T-shirt

SALE: $19.90

Personalize this Bridesmaid T-shirt for Bachelorette Party.

bridesmaid hoodie
Rhinestone Bridesmaid Hoodie

SALE: $39.90

The Bridesmaids will love this soft fleece-lined Hoodie.

bridesmaid ring hoodie
Bridesmaid Ring Hoodie

SALE: $38.90

Our simple ring design for the bridesmaids.

bridesmaid ring hoodie
Bridesmaid Colors T-shirt

SALE: $17.90

Bold, colorful t-shirt for the bridesmaids

sparkling bridesmaid hoodie
Sparkling Bridesmaid Hoodie


Our simple ring design for the bridesmaids.

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Be the Perfect Bridesmaid

For the bridesmaid who wants to lend the stressed bride a hand, treat her to a retreat by taking her to a local day spa. Get another bridesmaid to cover her duties, and amp up the glamour by decking her out in Soon to be Mrs. Hoodie Sweat suit. She’ll feel like a princess!