Just Jen Bridesmaid Shirts Make Big Screen Debut in Blockbuster Movie "The Hangover"

Just Jen's flirtatious bridesmaid t-shirts make jump to the big screen, in the blockbuster movie: "The Hangover".

Torrance, CA, June 5, 2011

bridesmaid t-shirts in the hangover movie
JustJen.com, a leading online retailer of customized bridal fashions, celebrates a dazzling contribution to the the smash-hit wedding comedy "The Hangover"

"The Hangover", a major 2009 hit from Warner Bros. Pictures, is regarded by Hollywood critics as a sparkling comedy gem – and a little bit of that sparkle was provided by JustJen.com's fun and flirtatious rhinestone bridesmaid shirts.

JustJen.com's rhinestone bridesmaid T-shirts made their big Hollywood debut in one particularly iconic scene, where the bride (Sasha Barrese) is on the phone with groomsman Phil (Bradley Cooper). As she argues with Phil about the location of her groom (Justin Bartha), the scene reveals her bridesmaids in the background, who are wearing JustJen.com rhinestone bridal T-shirts.

the hangover movie poster

JustJen.com has long been known for luxurious and flirty rhinestone bridal clothes. From custom-made hoodies and T-shirts to comfortable bridal lounge wear, JustJen.com has been a favorite of brides, including celebrity brides like Bethenny Frankel, who rely on the comfortable and stylish rhinestone clothing for those exciting moments before slipping into the wedding gown.

Now it seems Hollywood has given Just Jen a starring role in a major motion picture.

"When producers contacted us, we were all so excited," said founder Jennifer Smith. "It must have been a last-minute wardrobe decision, because we had to rush them out by Fedex Overnight."

It's certainly a cinematic moment that has the JustJen crew excited about where their rhinestone fashions will end up next.

For fashionistas who want to look just as stunning as "The Hangover" bridesmaids, JustJen.com is now offering a full line of clothing for the whole wedding party on the Just Jen website (www.JustJen.com). The shirts worn in the movie are the Nuptial Bridal Collection, and can be customized with your favorite rhinestone colors and shirt styles.

Founded in 2004 by entrepreneur Jennifer Smith, Just Jen is a leading online site dedicated to dazzling rhinestone apparel, bridal fashions and customized apparel for special events, groups and teams.  The company creates custom and one-of-a-kind boutique designs that are the ultimate sparkling indulgence.  Just Jen is the online solution for bridal parties, bachelorette parties, birthdays, graduations, special events and more.