womens t shirts
Women T-shirts
Be prepared to attract attention with sparkling rhinestone women shirts and clothing. The dazzling crystals on our women T-shirts capture and reflect light from all around, so day or night, your style will get noticed. All of the unique T-shirt designs are Just Jen originals.

Women Rhinestone T-shirts

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ribbon t shirt
Ribbon T-shirt

A ribbon T-shirt can do more than look great - all the proceeds go to fight breast cancer
smiley face t shirt
Smiley Face T-shirt

SALE: $19.90
A classic smiley face design that has a re-try style. Be Happy!.
peace t shirts
Peace Sign T-shirt

SALE: $19.90
A simple peace sign in dazzling crystal - choose your crystal color.
fleur de lis t shirts
Fleur de Lis T-shirt

SALE: $24.90
Fleur de Lis T-shirt has a large fleur that shines brilliantly
martini t-shirt
Martini T-shirt

Shaken, but not stirred. The classic Martini drink, with olive.
royal princess t shirt
Princess T-shirt

Even big girls can be a Princess. Every Princess deserves sparkling rhinestones.
flower peace sign t shirt
Flower Peace Sign T-shirt

Peace sign surrounded with a flower. Cool 60's style design
personalized initial t shirt
USA T-shirt

Express your patriotism in red, white and blue rhinestones. Double rows give it extra punch.
rhinestone lucky t shirt
Lucky Rhinestone Tee

SALE: $24.90
Everyone needs to get Lucky once in a while. With double rows of crystals, this shirt has as much style as Luck
zip code t shirt
Think Pink T-shirt

Everyone loves pink. Proceeds from our Think Pink shirt to to benefit breast cancer.
cupcake t shirt
Cupcake T-shirt

A sweet shirt for your sweet personality.
cross t shirt
Cross T-shirt

SALE: $24.90
Cross in double rows of crystal for extra bling.
skull t shir
Skull T-shirt

Our sparkling rhinestone skull T-shirt has a pink bow to add a feminine touch
rockstar t shirt
Rock star T-shirt

Your fans will love your unabashed declaration! Electric guitar lays down the rhythm for this unique rhinestone tee
mardi gras t shirt
Mardi Gras T-shirt

Have your own Mardi Gras celebration!
superstar t shirt
Superstar T-shirt

Let your Superstar shine for everyone to see! Your choice of rhinestone colors for word and star
karma t shirt
Karma T-shirt

Pass your good Karma around. Double rows of crystal and a cursive letter give this extra style
diva t shirt
Diva T-shirt

Our Diva rhinestone tee will get you the attention you deserve
heart t shirt
Heart T-shirt

Take the spirit of the islands with you everywhere you go
cosmopolitan t shirt
Cosmo T-shirt

Another classic drink shirt to wear on a special night out.
pretty in pink t shirt
Pretty in Pink T-shirt

Pretty in Pink in any color you want. Cursive letter makes the statement with style
heart crown sweatpants
Heart Crown Hoodie

Sparkling crystals make this heart and crown glam. Personalize with initial.
heart crown t-shirts
Heart Crown T-shirt

A heart with a crown over it. Personalize with your initial.
heart crown sweatpants
Heart Crown Sweat Pants
Rhinestones form a heart with crown, personalize with initial.
custom soon to be mrs shirt for wedding
Soon to Be Mrs Shirt

Just cant wait to be his wife? Soon To Be Mrs T-shirt let's you tell them that your are his! Personalized with any bride's name.
i love t shirt for bridal party
I Love T-shirt

You don't have to be a bride to tell the world whom you love- personalized with your loved one's name..
custom greek t shirt
Sorority T-shirt

Personalize your shirt with any Greek symbol in dazzling Premium crystal.
personalized queen shirts
Personalized Queen T-shirt

Cursive lettering and crown give our Queen shirt the royal style treatment.
heart shirt customized with initials
Hearts T-shirt

Interlocking hearts personalized with the initials of your and your loved one.
personalized zodiac t shirt
Zodiac T-Shirt

Are you an adventurous Aries or a balanced Libra? Personalize this shirt with your own sign.
peace sign t shirt
Peace Fingers T-shirt

SALE: $18.90
Spread your own special message of peace wherever you go.
personalized initial hoodie
Initial Hoodie Sweats

A classic initial Hoodie in rhinestones. Wear it with any rhinestone shirt.
initial sweat pants
Initial Sweat Pants

Initial sweat pants go with most any rhinestone shirt or Hoodie.
personalized initial t shirt
Personalized Initial Shirt

Give the classic initial T-shirt a dazzling new twist with rhinestones.
cross t shirt
Cross T-shirt

Cross T-shirt has two rows of crystal, in your choice of color
royal cross t-shirt
Royal Cross T-shirt

Cross T-shirt has a Royal design.
cross with crown t-shirt
Just Jen T-shirt

Double rows of crystal and crown over this cross make it a sparkling design.
#1 mom t shirt
#1 Mom T-shirt

Give Mom her dues - #1 Mom.
cross with crown t-shirt
Hula Girl T-shirt

Perfect for a Hawaiian vacation, a hula girl T-shirt in crystal.
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Women T-shirt Styles

Our Women's T-shirts and Clothing offer numerous ways for you to show that dazzling personality off to the world. Whether you're a diva, a princess, sweet as a cupcake or full of heart - we have dazzling crystal fashions for you. Fora personalized touch, create custom Hoodies with your own message.