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Expecting Maternity T-shirt

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Expecting maternity t shirt with our unique stork in dazzling rhinestones. Your choice of crystal color for the word "Expecting" and baby bag - the stork always comes in crystal and citrine (yellow) rhinestones. An Expecting T-shirt is a great gift for the mom-to be.
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IMPORTANT: Select the maternity T-shirt style below for mid and late pregnancy. All other shirt styles are only appropriate for early pregnancy.
Sizes run VERY small (junior size) We advise larger size - size charts
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Expecting T-shirt - Details

One of our most popular fun maternity T-shirts is the Expecting T-shirt, in sparkling rhinestone crystals. Being pregnant can be challenging and uncomfortable, so why not find ways to have fun with it? The dazzling rhinestones and unique design of this maternity T-shirt are sure to get lots of attention from friends, family and people that you meet. A maternity shirt is a good way to put the question to rest.

IMPORTANT: Only our maternity T-shirt style will fit during mid and late stage pregnancy. Other shirt styles are only appropriate for early pregnancy.

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Have fun with your pregnancy, with a funny maternity T-shirt or a personalized rhinestone maternity shirt. Make it easy for everyone you meet to stop the guessing game.. Yes, you are preggo, and proud of it!