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Mommy to Be Maternity T-shirt

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The most simple and direct way to eliminate any question about your status. Mommy to be shirt is made with Premium crystals, for the most dazzling sparkle.
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IMPORTANT: Select the maternity T-shirt style below for mid and late pregnancy. All other shirt styles are only appropriate for early pregnancy.
Sizes run VERY small (junior size) We advise larger size - size charts
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Mommy to Be T-shirt - Details

Put the rumors to rest, with a glittering Mommy to Be T-shirt made with gorgeous rhinestones. Your friends, family and people you meet will know right away that your growing belly is not just a weight issue, but a life growing inside of you. Mommy to Be is a fun T-shirt to wear when you visit relatives to break the news. Our maternity style shirt has extra room in the belly and is cut an extra 1.5" to keep your belly covered.

IMPORTANT: Only our maternity T-shirt style will fit during mid and late stage pregnancy. Other shirt styles are only appropriate for early pregnancy.

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