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If you have questions about styles or sizes that are not answered here, please feel free to give us a call:

1. What styles of garments are available?
  All of our rhinestone designs can be applied to a wide variety of garment styles. Use the following links to see the styles available.

» T-Shirts & Tops
» Hoodies & Sweats
» Aprons, Bikinis, Caps & Lingerie
2. Where are the size charts?

There are links to size charts on each product page. Size charts are also available through the style links above (Question #1) - just make sure to click on the photo of the garment to get to the size chart. You can also follow this link to our general size chart.

3. What are the rhinestone (crystal) colors?
  Most of the product pages show the rhinestone (crystal) colors. You can also follow this link to the rhinestone color chart.
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Personalized Baby Gifts

If you are searching for a special present for a newborn or big sister shirts, why not try a personalized shirt or apparel? Personalized clothing shows that you cared enough to take extra efforts to make the purchase special.Give a dazzling gift with a Just Jen crystal creation