Big Sister T-shirts & Clothing

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big sister again petals shirt
Big Sister Again Tshirt


For the girl who is having a another newborn sibling.

this little princess is a big sister
Princess is Big Sister

SALE: $17.90

This little princess is wearing a crown.

big sister again t-shirt
Big Sister Again Birds T-shirt

SALE: $17.90

It's happening again! She is a big sister one more time.

big sister with girl's face t shirt
Big Sister w/ Face T-shirt
SALE: $17.90

Fun Big Sister T-shirt with hearts dotting each "i" and a cute girls face.

big sister t shirts
Little Sister Girls Face T-shirt

SALE: $17.90

Little Sister T-shirt with Girls Face is perfect for the newborn baby.

i'm not lion big sister shirt
Big Sister I'm Not Lion

SALE: $17.90

A play on words makes this a fun pregnancy announcement shirt

big sisters rule t-shirt
Big Sisters Rule T-shirt


The crown and letters are made with sparkling crystals.

little sisters rule t-shirt
Little Sisters Rule T-shirt


Our Little Sisters Rule shirt has a sparkling crown and letters.

girls big sister frog shirt
Big Sister Frog T-shirt

SALE: $17.90

Leaping Frog is a fun shirt for the New Big Sister

big sister with crown t-shirt
Big Sister w/ Crown Shirt

SALE: $24.90

Crown over large letters that are several rows of crystal thick.

big sister skull t-shirt
Big Sisters Skull

SALE: $17.90

This cute skull isn't scary, it's adorable! For girls and toddlers, too.

littel sister with skull t-shirt
Little Sister Skull Shirt

SALE: $17.90

Cute skull and cross-bones with pink bow for the little sister.

colorful sister to be t shirt
Big Sister to Be T-shirt


Colorful and bold Big Sister To Be T-shirt

printed i have a secret i'm a big sister t-shirt
I Have a Secret...Big Sister Shirt

SALE: $17.90

News Flash! I Have a Secret...I'm Going To Be A Big Sister T-shirt

big sister to bee shirt
Big Sister to Bee T-shirt

SALE: $17.90

Cute bee delivers the news of her newborn sister.

giraffe t shirt
Big Sister Giraffe T-shirt

SALE: $17.90

Big Sister Giraffe T-shirt has 2 cute giraffes for the big and little sisters.

this princess is a little sister
Princess is Little Sister

SALE: $17.90

The little sister is always a princess.

i'm the big sister hair color t-shirt
Printed I'm the Big Sister T-shirt

SALE: $19.90

Choose the hair color on this printed I'm the Big Sister T-shirt.

big sister pow t-shirt
Big Sister POW! T-shirt

SALE: $17.90

A POW!erful Big Sister T-shirt.

big sister elephant t-shirt
Big Sisters Elephant

SALE: $17.90

Cute elephants help her trumpet to the world that she is going to be a big sister

big sister t shirts
Big Sister T-shirt

SALE: $19.90

Big girls also like Big Sister T-shirts. Our Big Sister shirt can also be personalized with a name or phrase.

big sis t-shirt
Big Sis T-shirt

SALE: $16.90

An abbreviated way to say she is a big sister. Our Big Sis T-shirt has hearts dotting each "i".

lil sister shirt
Lil Sis Shirt

SALE: $16.90

What Big Sis and Lil Sis wouldn't love to wear matching crystal shirts?

sparkling big sister hoodie
Sparkling Big Sister Hoodie

SALE: $36.90

Sparkling Big Sister on the back of a zip-up cotton fleece Hoodie

knock going to be big sister shirt
Biggest Sister Knock

SALE: $17.90

It's the Knock, Knock joke to announce a newborn baby.

bigger sister t-shirt
Bigger Sister T-shirt

SALE: $17.90

Matching Big, Bigger and Biggest Sister Shirts

biggest sister t-shirt
Biggest Sister T-shirt

SALE: $17.90

Biggest Sister T-shirt matches with Little, Big and Bigger

3 owls matching sister shirts
3 Owls Big Sister

SALE: $17.90

3 Owls symbolize the sisters

3 owls t-shirt
3 Owls Biggest Sister

SALE: $17.90

Biggest Sister shirt with 3 owls

bigger sister 3 owls t-shirt
3 Owls Bigger Sister

SALE: $17.90

3 owls for the Bigger Sister

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I'm a Big Sister Gifts

When you have a newborn on the way, don't forget to make the big sister feel special. A gift of a special I'm the Big Sister shirt will get her in the spirit to welcome the newborn into the family.