ninth birthday balloons t-shirt
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Ninth Birthday Balloons T-shirt

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Colorful, bold balloons, a special, gleaming number and tastefully wrapped gifts make this balloon t-shirt into just what a birthday t-shirt should be. Any birthday girl will love this whimsical and all-inclusive design.
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Ninth Birthday Balloons T-shirt

A flexible and interactive thinker, like your about-to-be nine-year-old, will love the ideas this balloon t-shirt design generates. She will think about the bold colors and how they relate to all she has learned about primary, secondary and other color relationships, as well as how the balloons and gifts are arranged in a mathematical sequence She will also ponder the cool feeling of her all cotton t-shirt and how it brings comfort and relaxation to her. This t-shirt is a present that keeps on giving in a variety of ways, and your nine-year-old will love that benefit. A number of styles, sizes and colors are offered with this design. The actual print colors are limited to what is shown in the example.  

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