number 3 cake topper

Number 3 Cake Topper - Premium Crystal

Price: $49.90
Sale Price: $27.90
No birthday celebration is complete without a fabulous cake. For a fancy style, our Premium Crystal sparkling Number 3 Cake Topper will make any event feel special,. These cake toppers have Premium crystals covering a silver plated letter form. The style is French Vintage and numbers can be combined to create any number imaginable.. Call Us to have it shipped the same day it is ordered.
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Rhinestone cake toppers are perfect for birthdays or other fancy events. Combine any numbers to create any imaginable age. Rhinestones are applied to the face of the letter - up to 3 rows across the face of the letter. This cake topper is made with Premium rhinestones - for exquisite sparkle!

*Size: 4 1/4" tall x 3 1/2" wide