MW Twisters Rhythm Custom Cheerleading Shirt

added by: jennifer


Description: The MW Twisters design is a simple, but effective design that relies upon use of unique typographic elements to create a compelling design, without the use of any other supporting graphic elements. The Twisters name runs through the middle of the MW letters. The MW letters are an outline font, while Twisters is a single line of rhinestones. The contrast between these two different type styles, one a cursive style and one more traditional block font, is what makes this design work.

Design Turn-around: 24 hours


Design Application: Performed by Just Jen.

Typestyles: Both fo the type styles used in this design are letter styles that were part of the MW logo, however, they are very similar to fonts that we have used. The type style for the word Twisters is the Monotype Corsiva font and the MW is very similar to .

Rhinestones:The MW Twisters custom team shirts use two rhinestone colors; Sapphire (blue) for the letters MW and Crystal (white) for the name of the team. All of the rhinestones are size 10.