Biodiesel Custom Rhinestone Transfer

added by: jennifer

Company: Biodiesel is an industry trade association for the biodiesel fuel industry.

Description: The Biodiesel rhinestone transfer is a direct translation of the Biodiesel logo. This logo was an easy translation as it contained a simple italic bold letter style and one graphic element.

Design Turn-around: 24 hours

Purpose: Biodiesel merchandised these products in their ecommerce store and also used the shirts for promotional purposes with employees.

Design Application: Performed by Just Jen. The Biodiesel rhinestone heat transfer was applied to a variety of shirt styles and colors for their online store.

Typestyles: This logo was provided by the company, so there is no specific type style for this logo. The logo is a good example of how double rows of crystal can be used to replicate a bold letter style. This typicall works better with sans serif fonts, but can also be used with fonts that are less block in structure.

Rhinestones: The colors used are crystal (white) and aquamarine (light blue). All the rhinestones are SS10, a medium size rhinestone, that is ideal for lettering and for most design elements.