Cartoon Character Rhinestone Heat Transfer

added by: jennifer

Company: Kidz R' Kool pediatric dentistry practice created this unique cartoon character as part of their branding campaign.

Description: A powerful cartoon character for kids to love, this design was created by a pediatric dentistry practice to entertain and engage their clients.

Design Turn-around: 24 hours

Purpose:The cartoon character was a perfect way to engage kids in their dental hygiene.

Design Application: Performed by Just Jen. The rhinestone heat transfer design was applied to girls and women's fitted short sleeve shirts. All shirts were black, to increase the pop of the design.

Typestyles: No typestyles in this design.

Rhinestones: The colors used are peridot (light green), citrine (yellow), (orange) and crystal (white). This design used a combination of SS10 and SS6 rhinestones.