JC's Girls Custom Rhinestone Iron On

added by: jennifer

Company: JC's Girls is a christian ministry that evangelizes to the adult entertainment industry.

Description: This JC's Girls rhinestone heat iron on transfer was created with an outline of the lettering and a filled inner row of crystals in an different color.

Design Turn-around: 24 hours

Purpose: The shirts were worn by the JC Girl's group members to events where they performed their ministry.

Design Application: Performed by Just Jen. The design was applied to black women's fitted short sleeve shirts. The contract between the black shirt and the white and pink crystals makes this a great design with lots of bling.

Typestyles: This logo was provided by the JC Girls, but is similar to several letter styles that we can replicate for other clients. The outline and fill of the lettering is a common practice in rhinestone heat transfers. It provides a more substantial design and allows for the use of 2 colors, which increases the visual interest.

Rhinestones: The colors used are crystal (white) and rose ( pink). All the rhinestones are SS10, a medium size rhinestone, for consistency and uniform design appearance.