Kahlua Custom Rhinestone Transfer

added by: jennifer

Company: Kahlua is a liquor brand that is owned by Allied Domecq, based in England. The company owns a variety of wine and spirits brands that are marketed internationally.

Description: This design is a direct translation of the Kahlua logo into a custom rhinestone transfer. The letter style of the Kahlua logo is unique and due to the width of the letters, allowed the outline and fill with 2 colors of rhinestones.

Design Turn-around: 24 hours

Purpose: Kahlua used these bling design shirts for in-bar promotions in the United States. The shirts were worn by female employees who worked the events and were also given out as prizes to winners of contests.

Design Application: Performed by Just Jen. The rhinestone transfer design was applied to women's fitted short sleeve shirts. All shirts were black, to increase the pop of the design. Heat application of the rhinestone transfer was completed using Just Jen's unique crystal application process.

Typestyles: This logo was provided by the company, so there is no specific typestyle for this logo.

Rhinestones: The colors used are citrine (yellow) and light siaml (red). All the rhinestones are SS10, a medium size rhinestone, for consistency and uniform design appearance.