Kidz R' Kool Custom Rhinestone Transfer

added by: jennifer

Company: Kidz R' Kool is a dental group focused on services for kids and young adults. The dental practice includes both orthodontic and preventative dentistry practices.

Description: The Kids R' Kool design is a translation of the printed design for the dental practice. Due to the complexity of the original design, the translation had to reduce the number of colors and complexity of the design, yet retain the fun spirit.

Design Turn-around: 24 hours

Purpose: The shirts were worn by employees who interacted with parents and kids, to set a fun vibe and branding for the practice.

Design Application: Performed by Just Jen. The design was applied to women's fitted short sleeve shirts. All shirts were black, to increase the pop of the design.

Typestyles: This logo was provided by the company, so the lettering style of the practice is a direct translation. The words Pediatric Dentistry is our standard block rhinestone font.

Rhinestones: The colors used are crystal (white), citrine (yellow) and aquamarine (aqua). The design features both SS6 (small) and SS10 (medium) size rhinestone. The combination of small and medium stones was necessary to create the detail of the design.