Wet Custom Rhinestone Heat Transfer

added by: jennifer

Company: Apparel company testing a logo design.

Description: This fun design has the word "Wet" reversed out of the background ,which is a splatter of water pattern. The design uses 3 sizes of rhinestones to best capture the detail of the letter shape within the background

Design Turn-around: 24 hours

Purpose: The shirts were made for a test market.

Design Application: Performed by Just Jen. The design was applied to women's fitted short sleeve shirts. All shirts were black, to increase the pop of the design.

Typestyles: This logo was provided by the company. This logo demonstrates that ability to cut a letter form out of a background design, so that the shirt color comes through for the letters. This type of design typically requires more precise design of the rhinestone pattern.

Rhinestones: The color used is crystal (white) for all the rhinestones. There are 3 rhinestone sizes in the design SS6, SS10 and SS16. The SS6 is used around the letter forms, so increase the precision of the fit to the letter.