Angels Custom Sports Team Shirt

added by: jennifer


Description: The custom sports team design for the Angels has a star and wings behind the name angels and a small halo. For sports teams that feature birds of flight, the wings are a popular logo element.

Design Turn-around: 24 hours


Design Application: Performed by Just Jen.

Typestyles: The type style of Angels was taken from the printed design for the Angels logo. We can translate any logo type style or you can find a font and we can replicate the design of the letters. In many cases we will translate a font into a single line of crystals, to increase the legiblity and reduce the cost.

Rhinestones: Two rhinestone colors were used in this design. The word Angels is written in Fuchsia (deep pink) and the rest of the design is in Crystal (white). All of the rhinestones are size 10, which is the standard size for lettering and most graphic elements.