Coastal Custom Sports Team Shirt

added by: jennifer


Description: The Coastal design is a simple, but effective cheerleading shirt for teams that do not have a logo yet, or are interested in rhinestone shirts that do not incorporate a unique logo design. The three stars surrounding the letters add more bling, and the cursive type style is legible, but with more character than a standard block type.

Design Turn-around: 24 hours


Design Application: Performed by Just Jen.

Typestyles: The lettering for Coastal is a single row of crystals in the cursive type style, however, this type is also written on a vertical slant to the upper right.

Rhinestones: Three rhinestone colors were employed in this design, Light Siam (red) for the lettering, Sapphire (blue) for the outline of the stars and Crystal (white) for the fill of the stars.