Flyers Custom Sports Team Shirt

added by: jennifer


Description: The Flyers custom sports team shirt has the word Flyers written on a slant through the center of a star and circle that form the outer design of the logo. The merger of these three simple elements makes an effective design. In this case, the team choose to not have any of the elements filled, to keep the cost down and also to increase the legibility of the elements.

Design Turn-around: 24 hours


Design Application: Performed by Just Jen.

Typestyles: The lettering style for Flyers was part of their logo, but it is similar to fonts that we currently use.This design illustrates how lettering on a slant can add a sense of motion and flair to otherwise simple design.

Rhinestones: Three colors are used in the Flyers design; Sapphire (blue) for the lettering, Light Siam (red) for the star and Crystal (white) for the circle in the background. All of the rhinestones are size 10, which is our most common rhiinestone size for lettering and most graphic elements that do not require tight detailing.