The Perfect Bridal Make-up for Your Big Day

give yourself the perfect bridal make up

You’ve got the venue, the ceremony and the reception planned right down to the last detail – and now the big day has arrived!

Before you can say those vows in front of your sweetie and your closest friends and relatives, you need to make sure that you look gorgeous for the happiest day of your life (check out how Molly on The Bachelor Wedding dressed her bridesmaids in wedding sweat suits). If you haven’t already budgeted for a makeup artist to come to your home or hotel room to make you over for the big day, then here are a few tips and tricks on how to get your bridal makeup to look as beautiful as possible.

You will be turning heads as you walk down the aisle!

Get A Pre-Wedding Makeover

f you don’t have a makeup artist doing your makeup, it can be tempting to do either one of two things: stick with your regular makeup routine, or do something completely different that might make you look a bit, well, unnatural. Resist the temptation to go heavy on the makeup by visiting your favorite department store and asking for a free makeover. Pay careful attention to what products they use and how they apply the makeup. If you don’t have any of the products that they used, purchase it (don’t forget to ask for a discount!) or find cheaper versions at your local drugstore.

Dress Comfortably

Having comfortable and attractive attire for the wedding day can put you in a good mood. It is also important to remember that once you begin to apply make-up and get your hair styled, you will want to wear zip-up or button-up clothing, so you don't disturb your hair or make-up when you change clothes. One fun idea is to wear a Soon to be Mrs Hoodie, personalized with your future married name.

Start With A Clean Palette.

Your skin is your canvas, and even the best makeup in the world won't look right on skin that's not smooth and clear. A few weeks before your wedding, make an appointment with your maid of honor to go to a spa that offers special bridal packages. Get a smoothing facial and be sure that you get treatments that will take care of any blemishes. Any redness that the treatments give you should fade by your big day – just resist getting a chemical peel the day before your wedding, unless you want to look like you've been out in the sun for too long!

Enlist Help

Not so skilled at wielding your own eyeliner? Get one of your bridesmaids to do your makeup for you, especially if she's great with blusher and lipstick. In fact, the bridal makeup should be a fun event that all your bridesmaids can get involved with. Why not make an afternoon of it? Order room service and champagne, wear beautiful personalized bridal party T-shirts with the date of your wedding written across the front and listen to some upbeat music to get everyone pumped for a great ceremony and reception.

Go For A Natural Look

The day of your wedding is certainly NOT the day to try out that smoky eye look or wear a bright red lipstick. You wouldn't wear this makeup at any other time – why do it on the day that will be captured forever by your photographer? Go for natural hair and makeup; you will be thankful you did looking back on your bridal pictures thirty years from now!