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  • Can you make my design or logo?

    Yes, we can translate almost any printed logo, design or lettering into a rhinestone design. If your design is primarily lettering and basic graphics we can set up a design based on your description, however, we do not provide creative design services to create logos or designs from scratch.

  • What is the minimum order quantity for wholesale pricing?

    Our wholesale pricing for rhinestone clothing starts at 15 garments, but garments can be of mixed styles, sizes and colors. Less than 15 garments may still qualify for a quantity discount, please check the promotions section for promotion codes.

  • How long do wholesale orders take to make?

    It depends upon a few factors, but generally, we set up your design in one business day. Once you approve the design, it can take as little as a few days, plus shipping time, to make all the garments and ship them out. For larger wholesale quantities (100+), lead times will be longer than one week, but please contact us if you have a specific deadline and we usually can meet it.

  • How do you price wholesale orders?

    For all custom rhinestone designs, the pricing is primarily based on the number of rhinestones estimated to be used in the design, along with the color of rhinestones. The type of garment will vary pricing as well. For printed designs, printing on dark color shirts is more expensive than light color shirts. Once you send us your design, garment choices and quantity, we can provide you with an estimate.

  • Where are you located?

    We are located in Southern California, but have clients across the United States and even worldwide.

  • How do I get started?

    Either call us or fill out the wholesale price quote form. If you have a graphic of the design, please attach it to your message. Please include the order quantity, type of garment you choose and size/position of the design on the garment.

Groups & Teams

Sports Teams, Cheerleaders, Families, & More

Do you need a logo or design for a team, organization or just a group that you belong to? Just Jen can create a rhinestone design and apply it to shirts, sweats, caps or any other garment. We carry garment styles for women, girls, boys and men.

Companies & Organizations

Small or Big Business

Just Jen has helped businesses and organizations of every size with branded logo customization of apparel and accessories. We specialize in wholesale rhinestone shirts, but also offer embroidery and digital garment printing to many of our customers. No project is too small or large.


Carry Just Jen in Your Store

Even though rhinestone t-shirts have been around for a while, they still are unique and will stand out in your store. Whether you are interested in marketing the designs shown on our site, or unique designs tailored to your customers or location, Just Jen is a great partner in your success.

Wholesale Price Request

Fill in the following form to request a wholesale price quote, or call us at 310-539-6000.