Custom Cheerleading Gear Gains Popularity

custom cheerleading gear photo

Cheerleading is an extremely popular, and growing, sport in the United States and across the world. It's gotten so popular that several big-budget movies are being made about cheerleading teams, including one that grossed over $70 million dollars and spawned two sequels!

When people think "All American Boy" they automatically conjure up thoughts of football players and touchdowns. Similarly, when thinking of an "All-American Girl", she's wearing a cheerleading outfit and competing for her own team's victory. Cheerleading has changed from an after school activity to a true sport as the stunts get more exciting, and the dances get harder. Whether a cheerleader is a little girl who has just started, or a pro that's been cheering her whole life, chances are, she runs with the popular crowd.

Behind every cheerleader is a mom who drives them to practice, games, pays for their training, outfits, and special needs. She watches their routines and gives pointers, shows support and crosses her fingers on competition day so the routine will go smoothly. When her daughter achieves something special, such as learning a new stunt or dance, it is her mother's accomplishment as well.

Custom cheerleading t-shirts with rhinestone crystals are one of the popular new trends. These shirts combine the things that cheerleaders love; glamour, customizing, and showing off their team spirit. With online services like, it's easy to translate team logos in beautiful rhinestone designs. This is especially worn during times when the cheerleaders can't wear their uniforms, such as during school hours, or at home with their friends.

Rhinestone cheerleading T-shirts are especially popular for the cheerleaders' mothers and cheerleading coaches. After all, who is more is more devoted to the success of her cheerleader's accomplishments than the cheer mom? The girls seem to really love it, and their fans, especially their mothers, share in the success of the team.

The popularity of cheerleading couldn't be higher, and new ways to show off team spirit is a natural for cheerleaders and their fans.