Event Fundraising

event fundraising for teams and groups

Fundraising is easy! Making events for fundraising can be simple, fun, and fast. The Internet has recently been a great way to fundraise in a time management manner. Some groups don’t have the luxury or man-power to walk door to door to sell items, or hold car washes, carnivals, and dinners. Head to the Internet and check out these to option for your next fundraiser.

Online Fundraising Malls

Everyone these days are shoppers. A lot of those shoppers buy most of their products online these days. It gets to time consuming to go out and look for items you need. Kill to birds with one stone and help your friends and colleagues find products a little easier online. Set up a shopping mall for fundraising activities for your group. It takes only a few minutes to set up your shopping mall online. This mall is virtually a mall on the Internet. It contains up to 600 stores, where each store pays you forever purchase made through your mall. This program can be an on-going fundraiser because your group can make more and more money as each purchase made.

Read-a-thons and Walk-a-thons

This sounds like a time consuming process where you would need a lot of people as well; however, that is no longer the case. There is a program online that you can be used called Cross-a-thon. This site handles all the processes fast and simple for you. You can promote and advertise your event through the website as well as some administrative aspects. The best part is that there is no upfront cost to have this program ran. The only fee that they require is 20 percent of the profits that you acquire.

Fundraising for a good cause is always a must. Make your life a little easier and try one of these programs for your next fundraising event.