The Honeymoon of Your Dreams

the honeymoon of your dreams

After months of intensive wedding planning, it's no wonder that couples look forward to the honeymoon more than the wedding ceremony itself! Let's face it – between managing bridal parties and groomsmen responsibilities, booking the venues, getting the bridesmaids coordinated (check out the bridal sweat suits worn by the bridal party on The Bachelor Wedding ) and making sure the cake is prepared in time, you and your sweetie certainly deserve your honeymoon break.  But if you planning the honeymoon yourself, it can be easy to let the details stress you out just as much as the actual wedding planning itself!

Not to worry – these honeymoon-planning tips from wedding experts will help you plan every single detail.  By the time you and your new spouse arrive at the airport, the two of you will be relaxed already!

Consider A Travel Agent

A travel agent?  Are they still around anymore?  Although the internet has pretty much made travel agents obsolete for short trips, travel agents are still the best sources for advice, deals and discounts when it comes to honeymoon packages, especially if you're going to a far-off location like Fiji.  You might spend a little more to use a travel agent, but you can be assured that every detail of your trip will be planned down to the minute – and if you and your spouse ever find yourself in a rough spot, you will have an actual person to turn to as opposed to an automated hot line from an online site.

On The Other Hand…

Travel websites can certainly make honeymoon planning really simple, especially if you're staying in the States or a popular tourist destination like the Caribbean or Western Europe.  Additionally, planning your honeymoon can offer you a much-needed mental break from all that wedding planning!  Try sites like Expedia and Travelocity, both of which offer customized honeymoon packages at discounted prices that will suit your wedding budget.

Don't Be Shy

What's one of the best perks about being a newlywed, besides waking up every morning with a smile on your face?  All of the great honeymoon discounts, of course!  Don't be shy about announcing your status to airline companies (free upgrades to first class!), the resort or hotel you're staying at (free upgrades and champagne!) and any restaurants where you're dining (free champagne and dessert!). Yes, being a newlywed can certainly be easy on the honeymoon budget if you're not afraid to drop a few hints here and there (you can do it with Just Married clothing).

Have Fun With It All

During the course of planning for your wedding, you might have felt as though your whole life was dedicated to other people; caterers, DJ, photographer, etc.  Now it's just you and your sweetie – so have fun sharing some bonding time!  Why not announce your status to the world by wearing a Just Married bikini with your newlywed status highlighted, or go out on the town wearing a fake tiara with a veil?  After all, you're only a newlywed once – so have a laugh, enjoy yourself, and really take in the sights on your honeymoon!.