How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

the perfect wedding dress

It’s the one thing that most women have dreamed about every since they were little girls: the perfect wedding dress! The wedding dress is the one thing that makes brides the world over feel like princesses for the day – not to mention make every jaw drop when they take that walk down the aisle! Whether you’re looking for a classic style or want to have a more trendy wedding dress, we’ve got the best tips from wedding planning experts on how to search for your perfect wedding dress.

So sit back, relax and get ready to find the dress of your dreams!

Know Your Wedding Theme

What does your wedding theme and venue have to do with the style of your wedding dress? Simple: some dresses just don’t fit with a venue’s overall theme. For example, you wouldn’t wear a classic ball gown at an outdoor garden wedding, just like a wedding sheath dress would look too minimal in a grand ballroom. If you’re not particular about the style of wedding dress that you’re going to wear, let the venue and theme decide for you. Remember, outdoor/garden venues require a more minimal look, while elaborate wedding dresses look more appropriate at upscale and elegant wedding venues.

Narrow Down the Styles

Just like with picking the right venue, you're going to have plenty of options to choose from – so if you haven't already, pick out a wedding dress style that you absolutely love.  A number of websites will show you several models.  Make sure you pick a style that flatters your body, as you want your wedding dress to work with your shape, not against it!

Take A Trusted Friend

When it finally comes down to the actual dress shopping, nothing is more valuable than a second opinion from a friend or relative. Besides, those assistants at the boutique want you to buy the dress – and they might not be as truthful with their opinions as a result! Take someone who you know will give you straightforward advice. When you walk out wearing a dress that leaves them breathless, then you know you’ve found the The One – dress-wise, that is!

Make A Fun Day Of It

As if shopping for the gown of your dreams wasn’t fun enough! But let’s face it – sometimes a day of shopping can get a little frustrating, especially when you’ve tried on dud after dud. Keep it lighthearted and fun by making a party of it. Wear wedding T-shirts with “Bride To Be” written across the front, and give personalized T-shirts to the bridesmaids that accompany you dress shopping. You will have so much fun being at the center of attention during your shopping expeditions that when you finally do find the dress of your dreams, you will feel like time just flew by too fast!