Just Married...Now What?

just married couple holding hands

You and your sweetheart have finally sealed the deal. You exchanged vows in front of all your loved ones, and you shared your first dance together as husband and wife. You waved good-bye to them as you headed away on your honeymoon, and the two of you spent a few blissful days together indulging in your new title as man and wife.

But now you’re back from the honeymoon – and you have no idea how to transition into your new life as a married couple. Fortunately, this article will show you exactly what you need to do if you’re just married.

Sort Out Your Wedding Gifts

Now that you’ve returned from your honeymoon, you and your new spouse will need to take some time to sort through all the gifts you’ve received. The best way to do this is to open up an Excel spreadsheet (or grab a notebook) and carefully record who gave you what presents. This is a great way to remember who to send thank you cards to, and it will also allow you to add a personal touch to all your thank you notes. Speaking of which…

Send Thank You Notes

Once you’ve marked down the gifts you’ve been given, you will want to send out thank you cards as soon as possible. This is the polite thing to do, as your wedding guests all went out of their way to pick you out a special gift. Believe us, this may be the last thing you want to do, especially when you’re still in honeymoon mode. But you will feel so much better after you send out those thank you cards. Buy a few pens, grab your spouse, and devote a weekend afternoon to writing out those notes!

Enjoy Your New Status

So many couples get back into the routine of everyday life once they’ve become husband and wife. Don’t be so quick to fall back into day-to-day living. Celebrate sweet and silly moments, like your first week of marriage. Do something crazy, like wearing Just Married clothing.  Remember, being married is a journey that involves plenty of work. It’s important to take time to celebrate what makes your sweetheart so special. It’s a great way to keep the love alive – the same love that inspired you to marry your spouse in the first place.