The Worst Wedding Blunders..And How to Avoid Them

worst wedding blunders

Wedding planning is stressful enough – but what about trying to avoid all of those awful wedding blunders that seem to come with the territory? From drunken relatives who enjoy requesting bad songs to overenthusiastic rice-throwing, you can bet that there's plenty of opportunity for a wedding to go wrong. We'll share some of the funniest wedding blunders ever, and give you a few tips on how to avoid a red face on your big day!

Know The Limits

Everyone knows that relatives can be a big source of embarrassment at any large gathering; throw in a wedding reception with an open bar, and you've got a recipe for disaster! For many couples, this has been a big source of consternation, from tipsy mother-in-laws to drunken best man speeches that border on TMI. To ensure that your wedding is safe from these alcohol-induced blunders, make sure that you have an open bar for a short time period before the speeches occur. This way, you'll ensure that no embarrassing stories will be mentioned – for the speeches, at least!

The Bad DJ

Bad DJ songs and wedding blunders go together like peanut butter and jelly. From dancing to the "YMCA" and the "Macarena" to embarrassing disco tunes that should remain dead and buried, guests can certainly take liberties with their song requests – and you might end up with a reception that sounds more like an oldies radio show! To prevent those embarrassing song requests, give you DJ a list of songs that cannot be played under any circumstances, no matter how much a wedding guest might beg. Take that, "YMCA"!

Dress Appropriately

Weddings involve a lot of activity that might wreck havoc on your outfit – especially if you're the bride! From over-enthusiastic cake sharing (check out rhinestone cake toppers) to surprise ceremony rain showers, there's no end to the wedding blunders that Mother Nature and your happy spouse can throw your way. To avoid a face full of cake simply spell out the rules with your spouse before the big day. Unfortunately, you can't always predict the weather when it comes to those outdoor ceremonies, so always have a back-up plan in case you get rained out. After all, you don't want a wedding full of drenched guests, do you?

Bride-zilla Syndrome

What's one of the worst wedding blunders possible? Turning into a bride or groom-zilla! Your wedding is supposed to be a day of fun with your closest relatives and friends; if you turn into a monster on your big day, it won't be fun for anyone! Stay as relaxed as possible on your big day, and try to get as much relaxation in before your nuptials (for example, go to the spa with your bridesmaids dressed in wedding sweat suits; play some golf with your best man, etc.). Whatever you do, make sure it makes you relaxed and easygoing for the big day!