Give Back - Become a Big Sister

become a big sister

Being a big sister is one of the greatest privileges that you can have – but becoming a Big Sister can be a rewarding experience that not only gives back to the community, but changes the life of your Little Sister. The Big Brothers/Big Sisters program is determined to change what it means to grow up in America by matching underprivileged youths with a positive role model who can provide a lasting impact in their lives. As one of the oldest youth mentor programs in the country, Big Brother/Big Sister has had a long and successful track record of changing lives…

…and now it’s your turn to change the life of child!

Make a Difference

There’s almost nothing to becoming a Big Sister – but the difference you will make in the life of your Little Sister will last for the rest of her life. Whether you take your Little Sister shopping in a Big Sister to Be Shirt or you simply enjoy a slice of pizza after shooting some hoops at the park, you can provide your Little Sister with the kind of positive influence she needs to change her life for the better. It’s just another example at how volunteering your time can be so simple (you’ll be asked to donate a few hours of your time per week), and yet have such an incredibly profound impact.

Becoming a Big Sister

So how can you become a Big Sister?  Simple: head to the official website at, click on the "Volunteering" tab and submit your information to be considered as a Big Sister.  Remember, you will have to go through an extensive interview process, and not everyone is selected to be a Big Sister - so application process shouldn't be taken lightly.  Here's what to expect when you apply to become a Big Sister:

  • Based on your location indicated in your application, you will be asked to attend an in-person interview at a nearby Big Brothers/Big Sisters location.  This interview will be used to determine if you're a good fit for the program, and who your potential Little Sister could be;
  • You will be asked to provide character references from family members, friends and/or your employer;
  • You will also be required to go through a criminal history record test.  If you do have a criminal history, you will not be able to become a Big Sister.

Lot's To Do

Once you do become a Big Sister, however, the rewards are immeasurable.  Simple activities can hold a lot of meaning for your Little Sister; for example, here are some enjoyable activities that you and your Little Sister can do together:

  • Take photographs in the park;
  • Play on a local playground and go out for an ice cream afterwards;
  • Take your Little Sister to the beach or an amusement park for a fun afternoon out;
  • Play a game of softball with local children and adults in the community;
  • And many more activities.
Remember, the time you spend with your Little Sister is life-changing – apply to become a Big Sister today!