Don't Forget the Big Sister

dont forget the big sister

When you’re about to welcome a newborn into the family, it can be easy to get caught up in all that there is to do in preparation for the big day. From shopping for baby clothes and toys to getting that nursery set up for baby’s arrival, there’s no doubt that those nine months can pass by rather quickly!

However, apart from preparing for the arrival of your new bundle of joy, now’s the time to make your daughter feel more special now than ever – after all, she’s about to become a big sister, and if she’s been the only child for some time now, she might have a rough time handling the big transition from only child to big sister! To make the transition smooth on your daughter, here are a few expert tips from childcare experts on how to get her excited for her upcoming role as Big Sister:

Get Her Involved In The Process

Sometimes getting your daughter used to the idea of becoming a Big Sister is all about discussing what it’s like to be one. If you were a big sister yourself, talk about how much your younger sister looked up to you, and what it was like to always have your best friend around when you needed her (even if that’s not exactly the truth!). The more you talk about what an important role she will play in the newborn’s life, she more excited she will become for the baby’s arrival!

Treat Her To Some New Things

Your daughter might be feeling a little left out due to all of the activity around the newborn, especially when it comes to all of the new toys and clothes that are being bought for your new bundle of joy!  Make your daughter feel special by getting her a treat to let her know that she's special too.  For an added bonus, order her a special Big Sister Shirts that she will wear proudly wherever she goes.  She will really appreciate the gift – and she's love the attention that she will get when people ask her about her new upcoming role as a big sister!

Ask Her Opinion.

Again, get your daughter involved in the process by asking her opinion on new things for the baby - like some cute girls shirts.  Children love fun challenges, and your daughter will especially love getting prepped for the arrival of the new baby if you let her pick out a few things all by herself.  For example, when selecting stuffed animals for the crib, ask your daughter which ones you should buy.  She will feel like an important part of the process – and she will love the sight of her new baby brother or sister asleep surrounded by the stuffed animals that she helped to pick out! 

Getting your daughter ready for her role as a big sister is all about keeping the lines of communication open – and if she expresses some resentment at the lack of attention, spend some quality one-on-one time with her to set things right again.