Brochure Fundraising

fundraising for teams and groups

Utilizing fundraising catalogs or pre sell fundraising options are a great way to raise money. The best feature that these options provide is the fact that you need no upfront money to get started. There are also many other programs available to choose from.

When you decide to participate in these programs they set you up for all your future sales. The groups are provided with a free brochure and an order form for each person participating in the fundraiser. The brochures are intended to be shown to the potential customers to help explain the product for sale. Any types of club, team, charity, or other groups, need absolutely no money to start. Once the money is collected from the amount of products sold then it is time to turn in the order form. The money that was collected is to pay for their bulk order at the end of their fundraiser, with the group receiving proceeds.

Popular types of brochure fundraisers:

Frozen Cookie Dough

Who doesn’t like cookies, especially, cookies that you can get together with your family and make yourselves. Cookie dough is a popular fundraising tool because making cookies are such a common activity. Mother, daughters, friends, and sons, cookies are not too old for anyone. The dough is provided in two different forms; the first being in tubs of the cookie dough, and the second being that they can come in boxes where the dough is separated already in to portioned cookies. Some programs even provide dry cookie mix. This is a profitable fundraiser, seeing how most groups sell up to 30 tubs and make 50 percent of the profit

Flower Fundraising

Selling flower bulbs is surprisingly starting to become one of the most profitable fundraising tools. In today’s society, where people are very conscious of their health and the environment, flower bulbs are a great product to obtain. Like the cookie dough program, each of the sellers are provided with a brochure that shows the different types of bulbs they can choose from. This program provides 50 percent of the each bulb sold and well as possible free shipping 

These are only a couple of the brochure fundraisers out there