Fundraising for Teams & Groups

fundraiser for team or group

Holding a fundraiser is the best way to raise money for your group. There are many types of fundraisers out there that one could utilize; including bake sales, cookie dough sales, and other such programs.

Discount cards are a very profitable way for groups to raise money. This is perfect for groups who have a lot of community power behind them, such as school clubs and teams. How a discount card works is exactly how it sounds. They offer special prices or deals to people who have purchase the card and present it as they make a purchase at only the stores selected. This card can include up to as many vendors as possible.

There is a range of different types of discount cards one can choose from. Here are some of the most popular:

Buy One Get One Free Pizza Card

This type of card is more of a deal card. When a customer presents this card to the pizzeria listed they can receive, for example, 10 dollars off the second large pizza they order. The deal is ultimately up to the pizzeria; however, this is a great way to drive business to their restaurant and show some pride in their community. These cards sell for around 10-20 dollars depending on the deal given. The groups must order at least 25 cards

Sandwich Shop Cards

The sandwich shop cards can work the same way as the pizza cards. Each card comes with a deal on it. You must present the card to acquire the deal given. This can be negotiated with the sandwich shop and your local group. The most common discount given for sandwich shops are offering a free small sandwich with a any purchase of another sandwich and a drink.

Custom Discount Cards

This types of cards are the most profitable for larger groups. As opposed to the other cards, this one utilizes many different vendors. Walk around your community and get up to 12 local store owners and see is they will offer a discount each time a customer shows their card. This can be anything from the movie theaters to the local dry cleaners. This allows a wider range of discounts to happen. These cards mostly go to 10-15 dollars, and the groups can make up to 90 percent of the profit

Discount cards are the fastest and most profitable way to fundraise for your school or group.