The Wedding Cake

beautiful wedding cake

Your wedding cake isn’t just a cake – it’s the centerpiece of your wedding. It’s a statement waiting to be made. It’s a way of expressing your own style and tastes. It’s a sentimental tradition that marks you and your sweetie’s journey as husband and wife – and it’s also a delicious way to top off a fun reception spent in the company of family and friends!

If you’re just starting out your search for the perfect wedding cake, then here are a few trends that you might want to consider before placing your order. No matter what you request, there’s a cake designer out there who will fit your needs and budget – the only limit is your imagination!

The Classic Wedding Cake

TFor those with more traditional wedding “tastes”, the classic wedding cake is a great touch for any traditional wedding. A classic wedding cake should reflect the wedding by mimicking the theme of the reception or even the detailing on your own wedding dress. Go for understated designs that will blend in well with the reception, or chose to have your cake decorated with classic and sophisticated trends like polka dots or sugar flowers. It’s a delicious way to preserve the traditional theme of your ceremony and reception!

The Groom's Cake

Many couples are choosing to forgo the more “feminine” look of the wedding cake and instead making the groom’s cake front and center. Since the groom’s cake is usually of a darker chocolate hue, this can really make an impact for those couples looking to stand out. Groom’s cakes also come with a variety of fruity fillings, so the taste of your cake will be the talk of the reception.

Outrageous And Flirty Cakes

Wedding cakes are no longer taking a backseat at the reception – especially if your wedding cake is decorated in a vibrant and flirty style!  Cakes that are decorated with bright and cheerful flowers and rhinestone cake toppers are quickly becoming a popular trend, so if this trend appeals to you, make sure that your wedding cake is adorned with your favorite flower.  Just be sure that it matches the flowers in your wedding so the cake blends in seamlessly with your overall theme!

Hued Cakes

Is a particular color the main focal point of your ceremony and reception?  Carry this theme through to your wedding cake by requesting that the frosting be the same color!  It's a fresh and funky way to include your wedding cake in your reception theme – and

No matter what you choose for your wedding cake, be sure that it reflects your tastes and overall personality – believe us, there's a cake designer out there who can fulfill this tall order.

One additional note: when you go cake tasting, remember to bring your sweetie with you, as this might be one of the few points of wedding planning that he'll be looking forward to!